Whether you need your site clearing or have excess stock we are able to remove these items for you, from bricks and pipe to wood and metal. Whatever you have please call us and we can arrange a viewing.

If you feel that your items have some value we can remove them for free or sometimes offer payment.

We can pay in cash, cheque, and bank transfer if your company runs a charity scheme we are able to send payment direct to the charity.


Any Level Clearance understand the importance of a reliable site clearance service within your industry. Building site clearances we take the pain and hassle out of removing over stocked sites and leftover produce after a site has finished. Why have the time and expense of clearing and possibly skipping the left over's after a job done, when here at Any Level Clearance we will do all the work for you and pay you at the same time.



We want to be your first choice when it comes to disposing of site produce that is surplus to requirements.

Give us a call and arrange for one of our professional team to pay you a no obligation visit today.